walmart deals on comet, potatoes, paper towels and toilet paper

Walmart Deals 1/4/23 (Angel Soft, Potatoes, Comet, Paper Towels, Frito Lay)

This week we spotted some hot deals at Walmart grocery stores.. They will probably sell out within a week so if you want to save some money on these grocery products head on over to your local Walmart store and snag some bargains for yourself.

5lb Of Russet Potatoes Only $2.98

potato deal

These potatoes are usually priced at over $4.00, Walmart has them on sale for only $2.98… Snagged (2) 5lb bags for myself..

$0.58 A Single Roll Of Paper Towels

Just bought a case of single paper towel rolls… There were 30 rolls in the case. The final price was $17.40 without taxes.. Same amount of Bounty paper towels would cost a over $25. A great buy if you don’t mind using other brands,.

12 Mega Rolls Pack Of Angel Soft Toilet Paper $8.37

angel soft deal

Walmart has these mega toilet paper from angel soft priced at $8.44 online and $8.37 in store.. We compared prices to several merchants and Walmart definitely is the winner.. Amazon has these rolls priced at $32, last time i checked Publix they were priced at over $10..

Frito Lay (18 Bags) Of Assorted Chips Only $10.98

My kids love them, great lunch box fillers.. Compared to 6 other grocery stores Walmart scores the lowest price on this item. Amazon has them priced currently at $12.79, Publix has them priced in my area at $12.97 and Costco has the 30 bags priced at $22.99 with membership.

Comet Bleach (24oz) Only $1.08

If you use Comet bleach.. Walmart is selling them for a low price of $1.08. Amazon is selling a pack of 2 for $11, Publix had them in store at $1.68.. Home depot had the best price at $1 however they never have them in stock in my area, Target’s price is very close at $0.99 for (21oz).

Cuddler Pet Beds Only $9.97

Looking for inexpensive comfy pet beds head on over to your local Walmart store, they have all kinds at really low prices from $9 to $20.

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