in store Walmart deals April-19-2023

Shopping at Walmart this week? Some grocery items I bought..

  • 2L Soda different flavors ($1.18 each)
  • Sparkling Ice 17 oz bottles (variety of flavors) $1.08 each.
  • Great Value pasta sauce jars only $1.48 each!
    Flavors Available: (Mushroom, Traditional, Marinara, Basil Garlic)
  • Tomato sauce cans $0.44 each.
  • Bag of All Purpose Baking Flour (Great Value) $2.24
  • Yakuit Probiotic Yogurt (six pack $0.50).. Deal!
  • Yakuit Probiotic Yogurt (10 pack $0.75).. Deal! (Was $2.98)

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