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A pub favorite is the combination of flat chicken breast, ham, napoli dressing, and cooked cheese. Chicken parmigiana, also known as chicken parmesan (Italian pollo alla parmigiana), is a bread-coated chicken breast dish topped with tomato sauce with mozzarella, parmesan, or provolone cheese. Occasionally, a portion of ham or bacon is included. But who came up with it? How did it become so well-known all around the world?

What is Chicken Parmesan? 

Chicken Parmesan and Chicken Parmigiana are two names for the same delectable, mouth-watering meal. It’s a breaded chicken cutlet topped with melting mozzarella and/or provolone cheese. Isn’t it enough to get your stomach turn?

Origins of Chicken Parmesan 

In Italy, the origins of Chicken Parmesan may be traced back to Eggplant Parmigiana in Campania and Sicily. Deep-fried eggplant is topped with cheese and tomato sauce. After that, cook it and savor it. Cooks in North America and other parts of the globe with substantial Italian migrant communities recognized that chicken would make a great substitute for eggplant at some time, and so Chicken Parmigiana was developed.

History of Chicken Parmesan North America 

The dish, sometimes known as “chicken parm,” was created by Italian immigrant groups in the northeastern United States and then got established as a famous fixture at Italian diners by the 1950s. The appeal of homemade variants expanded as well. In a 1953 edition of the New York Herald Tribune, a recipe was released that utilized frozen fried chicken patty or fillets, as well as other pre-processed items, to prepare a homemade variant of the meal.

In 1962, The New York Times published a cooking method for chicken parmigiana. Chicken Parmigiana is mostly offered as the main dish in the United States and Canada, either with a piece of pasta or on top of it. Chicken parm sandwiches are also available at many places. Italian immigrants started integrating chicken into parmigiana as soon as they arrived in America, taking advantage of the country’s inexpensive meat market.

History of Chicken Parmesan Australia 

A typical Australian dish is chicken parmigiana with fries and greens. By the 1950s, chicken parmigiana was well-known in Australia. It was first served in Adelaide eateries in 1953. It’s a mainstay of pub cuisine in Australia, where it’s served as a main course on a regular basis. 

Jan O’Connell, a culinary historian who spoke with ABC Radio Hobart in 2019, feels that chicken parmigiana did not become a bar mainstay until the 1980s, and that it was previously only offered in restaurants. In Australia, chicken parmigiana is usually served with a serving of chips and green salad, however there is some debate over whether the fries and salad should be placed beneath just next to the chicken. 

Because of its success, a specific chicken parmigiana establishment has opened in Melbourne, and chicken parmigiana is the focus of critiques on devoted blogs that evaluate the meal as bought from different pubs around an area. The dish’s nickname varies by area, with ‘parmy,’ ‘parmi,’ and ‘parma’ being the most prevalent.

Some Great Chicken Parmesan Recipes (How To Videos)

There are many tasty Chicken Parmesan recipes online, below are some favorites. Chicken Parmesan is a great dish that can be served on any occasion. If you have a favorite chicken parmesan recipe of your own you can share a link or post the recipe in the comments. Enjoy!

American-Italian Style Chicken Parmesan
From Babish Culinary Universe: If you live in America and you are dining in an Italian restaurant, chances are your chicken parmesan will look like this.. Hearty and delicious.

How Italians Make Chicken Parmigiana At Home
From Orsara Recipes: This dish is so easy to make and only requires a few ingredients. It also goes well with a side of pasta or a salad just like “nonna” (grandma) makes it.

Classic Chicken Parmesan On Top Of Spaghetti
From Natashas Kitchen: A parmesan crusted chicken is smothered in marinara and melted cheese and has the juiciest chicken breast then placed on top of spaghetti. A classic Italian dish.

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