Variety of appetizers on trays and platters

What Are Appetizers? Are They Important?

Whether Appetizers are important or not.. We all eat them naturally almost every day. I remember when I was a child, I couldn’t resist waiting for my mom’s awesome spaghetti and meatballs dish. An hour before the pasta was ready I would whine and sometimes even cry.

She would take two pieces of bread, dip them in the spaghetti sauce and serve them to me in a small plate. It always worked, it kept my hunger in check and at the same time it kept me wanting more of what was to come..

Appetizers That Pair Well With The Main course

An appetizer is like the opening act before the main show. It gives you a taste of what’s to come. Appetizers should always compliment and pair well with the main course.. For example, if you would go see a rock concert do you think the opening act would be a jazz quartet or a symphony orchestra?

I don’t think so. I would bet that the opening act would be another rock band.. The opening acts’ goal is to arouse and excite the crowd for the main event. It’s the same for appetizers. If you are serving guests a Kung Pao Chicken as a main meal, spring rolls or egg rolls would be great choices for appetizers.

If you are making a pasta dish for dinner, bruschetta would make a delightful appetizer. Potato skins, salads and grilled eggplant appetizers pair well with steak and other meats. Fried mushrooms, polenta sticks pair well with vegetarian dishes. Liver spreads, bruschetta and shrimp cocktails pair well with fish meals. Pairing appetizers with main course meals is great however taste is what matters most.

What Is An Appetizer?

Appetizers are basically small food dishes served before the main course and are intended to stimulate one’s appetite. They look attractive, tempting in flavor and are made with a variety of food combinations. Appetizers can be divided into four groups: 

Starters Or Appetizers:
A small portion of any dish served before a main course meal.. For example a small portion of gnocchi, soup or salad can be an appetizer. (Sometimes soups are served before the appetizer)

These types of appetizers consist of alcohol beverages like Bloody Mary, seafood mixtures, fruit, or fruit juices. 

They are bite-size bits of savory food spread skillfully on an edible base and are attractively decorated. Different kinds of bread cutouts, biscuits or crackers may be used as a base. 

Hors D’oeuvres:
These types of appetizers are nippy, and made to eat from the fingers or from toothpicks. Some Hors D’oeuvres examples: Mini sausages (eat with toothpicks), stuffed mushrooms, oysters, crab on toast, liver spreads.

Some Popular Appetizers From Around The World

1. Bruschetta
2. Dumplings
3. Spring Rolls or Egg Rolls
4. Caesar Salad Or Any Type Of Salad
5. Dips, Pate’s and Spreads (Liver, Fish, Cheese on toast or crackers)
6. Shrimp Cocktail
7. Small Soup Bowl (sometimes served before appetizers)
8. Fish Fritters 
9. Chicken Wings
10. Sushi
11. Small Croquettes (Vegetable, Chicken…)
12. Variety Of Cheese Bits or Slices
13. Stuffed Mushrooms
14. Caprese Antipasto (Italian Salad)
15. Cold Cuts Platter or Tray (with marinated vegetables)

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