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There’s barely anything more American than the apple pie. Americans can never have enough of it and when we say Americans, we’re talking about everyone, including the Presidents and their families.

Have you ever wondered if your favorite President loved the Apple Pie? Or which one of them loved it the most? Of course you must have. The President’s Day is coming up, it’s only appropriate to discuss these things, isn’t it? Let’s take a look.

The Presidents Who Loved Eating Apple Pie 

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s love for apples and sweet buffets isn’t some made up story. He was once heard saying that he can always make a simple, delicious meal just out of apples and a few nuts. Though not his absolute favorite, Apple Pies surely were one of his most favorite desserts. 

Franklin Pierce

Pierce wasn’t big on fancy fine dining. Staying true to his New England origins, Pierce’s taste in food helped him stick to local meals like clam chowder, fried clams and deserts like the American Apple Pie. Records show that whenever he was hungry for a dessert, he would always choose something common to New Hampshire’s fried Apple Pies. 

James Garfield

James Garfield was also a man of simple tastes. His love for Apple Pie was so prominent that many people started making special recipes for apple pies and called them the Garfield Pie. 

Calvin Coolidge

Coolidge was one of the American Presidents who loved food. He was an adventurous eater and one of his absolute favorite meals were Apple Pies made with pork among other things like Vermont Country pickles, Ice Box cookies, Chicken chow mein and Chop Suey.

History Of “President’s Day” In America 

President’s Day or the Washington’s Birthday is a federally sanctioned holiday in the United States of America. Americans celebrate it on February’s third Monday each year to commemorate and honor the first president of the country, George Washington. 

President Washington was born in 1732 on February 22. As a result of an Act of Congress, 1879 became the year that marked the beginning of celebrating President’s Day or Washington’s Birthday in the Capital’s government offices on February 22. 

However, in 1971, the federal holiday was shifted to the third Monday of February, placing the Holiday between February 15 and 21, changing every year. Colloquially, Americans now celebrate this day to remember all the presidents of the country. 

 Most of the states in the country grant it as a Holiday with different titles for it like President’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Washington’s Birthday and even Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthday. 

All these varying names for the day add up to at least 14 different names depending on what state you’re in on the third Monday of February. All these different states have differing laws when it comes to celebrating the Presidents Day. 

Some of them celebrate George Washington only, some commemorate Lincoln and Washington together while others have their own different combinations. 

The American pop culture and the social media usually focuses on random facts about everyone, write posts, trivia and remember all their favorite presidents in their own ways..

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