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Best Halloween Recipe Ideas (Fun, Easy, Spooky Treats)

After reviewing 100’s of recipes, the Halloween themed foods below were some of our favorites based on easiness, taste and creativity.. If you are wondering about what Halloween treat or dinner you want to make during Halloween these recipes and desserts may trigger the desired dish you wish to create.. Have fun making them and enjoy eating them with family and friends.

1. Halloween Themed Cupcakes

In this video from Craft Factory you will see some great Halloween cupcake topping ideas.. Very easy and fun. Learn how to make skeleton cupcakes, ghost cupcakes, spider cupcakes and more..

2. Mummy Hot Dogs

Mummy hot dogs are probably the most traditional Halloween treats because kids love eating them plus they make great Halloween side dishes or even appetizers, mummy dogs have been around for ages.. It’s basically a hot dog wrapped in crescent dough and decorated accordingly. We found this great video from pillsbury on how to make these spooky hot dogs.. Enjoy!

3. Creepy Witch Finger Cookies

This recipe is from Junali’s Cookbook. Her scary cookies look gory and not to mention bloody but wait until you taste them.. They are delicious! A great treat to add to your Halloween recipe list. In the video you will get step by step instructions on how to make them.. She cleverly used the raspberry jam for the blood however you can use strawberry jam too.

4. Bloody Feet Loaf

Same concept like making a conventional meat loaf with some scary design changes.. Start off by adding your ingredients to the ground beef and mix it with your hands.. Then simply shape it into a foot then add ketchup to make it look like blood.. (See Recipe Video). You can also check out their killer Halloween recipes here.

5. Butter Cream Pumpkin Cakes

Aren’t they the cutest pumpkins ever! Wow, they look so real! Preppy Kitchen did a great job with this recipe and not only do they look like real pumpkins they are stunningly delicious.. 

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