red velvet birthday cake

Red Velvet Birthday Cake Recipe With Cream Cheese Frosting

This cake is just stunning! Looks majestic and so flavorful.. Every time I make this cake I always get the same reaction.. Oh My God! Can I have The Recipe!

Red Velvet cakes had been made since the 18th century. Cooking recipes called for the use of cocoa to soften the flour and make finer texture velvet cakes. This smoother mixture gave these delicious cakes the name Red Velvet cakes. 

A Mahogany cake was also quite popular which incorporated cocoa and the coffee (its cousin being Devil’s chocolate Cake). Red Velvet cakes are great for any occasion not only birthdays. A similar cake is also quite popular which incorporates cocoa and coffee (its cousin being Devil’s chocolate Cake)

Red Velvet Birthday Cake Recipe (How To Video)

Recipe Courtesy Of Annie

How To Make This Red Velvet Birthday Cake

1. Pour the cake flour through a flour sifter into a mixing bowl, then add the cocoa, fine sugar, 3 eggs, salt, baking powder and baking soda. Finally add the buttermilk and vegetable oil.

2. Beat with a stand mixer until it forms a thick creamy chocolate batter and add 2 tablespoons of red velvet food coloring.

3. Continue beating until it becomes a red velvet color. Pour half the cake batter in a round cake springform placed on top of a baking sheet and bake for 25 minutes at 340 degrees F. 

Do the same for the other half. If you don’t have two cake springforms to bake simultaneously you can bake the first half then bake the second half later.

cake batter

4. While you are baking the cake mix you can start on the cream cheese frosting. In a mixing bowl add the butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and beat until it’s well mixed.. Then add the cream cheese and continue beating until it becomes into a pasty texture.

cream cheese frosting on cake

5. When the two cakes are done baking, take them out and let them settle to room temperature so you can cut them, you will notice the top has formed a dome shape.. Slice the top off on both and set aside to use later for decor.

6. Slice the remaining cake in two and do the same for the other cake. You will use them to layer the cake with the cream cheese frosting. In all you should have four flat round cakes. At this point you can decide whether to have a 4 layer cake or a 3 layer cake. For this recipe I chose 3 layers.

7. Place the first layer on a cake board and start frosting on top. Then even out the frosting with a spatula. then place the second cake on top and do the same, finally the third. 

Now you can start frosting the sides and spreading the cream cheese evenly all over the cake. If you have left over frosting put a little more on the top.

layering the cake

8. With the left over cake, tear small pieces and place them in a small bowl and mix them with an immersion hand blender to form crumb decor for the cake.

9. Take some crumbs in your hand and gently press them on the side of the cake so they stick. Do this all around the cake.

decorating the cake

10. You can decorate the top of the cake as you wish.. For this recipe I changed the tip of the piping bag to make flowers (see pic below). Most piping bags come with several tips so you can make different cute designs of frosting.


11. Place the rest of the crumbs on top of the cake. Congratulations! You just made a beautiful delicious red velvet cake. Add candles or edible decor according to the occasion.. Hope you enjoyed making this cake recipe!

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