kalter hund

Kalter Hund is a traditional German Recipe that goes back pre WWII and ever since has been coined as the German no bake dessert. It’s a layered chocolate cake recipe whereas baking is not required, 

it’s easy to make and delicious. Kalter Hund Means “cold dog” in english and i’m guessing it’s because it has a long rectangular shape and is kept in the refrigerator until served or after served.

The original Kalter Hund cake recipe is made with butter biscuits however throughout the years people have replaced the butter biscuits with chocolate waffles, vanilla waffles or their favorite cookies.

Kalter Hund Chocolate Cake Recipe (How To Video)

How To Make Kalter Hund

1. Take the dark chocolate and cut it into small pieces then melt in a steam bath.. Do not melt it over the stove top directly it may result in a layer of burnt chocolate at the bottom of the pan. 

How to steam bath chocolate? Place a large skillet pan with about one inch of water. Place your chopped chocolate in a tempered glass bowl, and set the bowl directly in the pan with the water. Bring the water to medium heat or more until the chocolate is melted.

melt chocolate

2. Once the chocolate is melted stir it well, add 75g of powdered sugar and 50ml of heavy cream and keep on stirring. Add more cream but not too much if you want the dark chocolate to taste more creamy like milk chocolate.

3. Now add 2 eggs, stir and place on the steam bath again until chocolate mix is creamy. Line the baking mold with parchment paper if you don’t use a silicone mold.

4. Create a layer of chocolate at the bottom of the mold and place the butter biscuits on top, then repeat until the mold is filled. When you are finished and the mold is full with layered chocolate and biscuits put it in the fridge for about 6 to 8 hours.

5. After refrigerated place the mold on a cutting board and flip over the mold.. Remove the mold and Voila! your Kalter Hund Biscuit cake is ready!.. Enjoy!

Kalter Hund Recipe Ingredients

Cookware Needed For This Recipe
Rectangular Shaped Silicone Mold
Medium Skillet Pan
Tempered Glass Bowl

Ingredients For This Recipe
Dark Chocolate 300g
2 Eggs
Powdered or Granulated Sugar 70g
Heavy Cream Or Rum 50ml
Butter Biscuits Or Waffles

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