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How many times have you tried to make a hamburger patty and it fell apart or it tasted gamey and dry.. Well, you are not alone.. This recipe is one of the best hamburger patty recipe that I know. There are plenty of good patty recipes out there but this one always pleases my family and guests..

The most important step to making a great hamburger is to dress up the ground beef. There are several reasons why people do this.. First it adds more texture to the burger patty making it taste better, second the patty sticks together and does not fall apart when you place it on the grill. 

Finally, when you just slap the ground beef on the grill without dressing it up, it has a very gamey dry taste which many people dislike. When you know how to make good hamburger patties, the rest is easy.. You can dress the hamburger with any garnish and it will taste great. The burger patty is the key to making a great hamburger.

How To Make A Great Tasting Hamburger Patties

1. What helps make the burger patty juicy is the fat in the burger that is why I suggest 80% ground beef.. Let’s start off by putting the ground beef in a bowl.. Add the bread crumbs, egg yolk, complete seasoning, and 3 pinches of salt.

2. Then mix the meat well with your hands until all ingredients are well blended in the meat. 

seasoned ground beef to make hamburgers

3. Tear a chunk of beef from the dressed up beef mix and roll it up into a ball with your hands.. At this point you can shape the patty into a burger patty with your hand on wax paper or you can press the beef with a hamburger patty maker (Recommended).

4. I prefer the patty maker because sometimes I do extra patties and store some in the freezer for next day or week. The hamburger presser also makes the patty stick together better.

5. For 1/2 Inch patties grill for about 5 Minutes on each side without turning them, add a layer of cheese on them if you wish a minute before they are done… Enjoy Your Burgers!

Cookware Needed For This Recipe:

Ingredients For About 6 Patties:

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