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How To Make Honey Sesame Chicken (Easy & Delish!)

In this recipe I chopped two chicken breasts then marinated the chicken in eggs and soy sauce.. I then added flour in the marinated sauce, this enabled the batter to stick more to the chicken.. For the sweet sesame sauce I used honey, sesame oil, anise, cinnamon and cloves with a little lemon zest.. 

The chicken is then deep fried in oil until cooked and crispy. After the chicken pieces are cooked I tossed them in the honey sauce and added sesame seeds. 

Place the honey sesame chicken on a bed of cooked rice and you have a delicious Chinese sesame chicken dish just like Panda Express and other restaurants. Enjoy the video and have fun cooking this Chinese dish, It is delicious!

Honey Sesame Chicken Recipe (How To Video)

Recipe Ingredients

Cookware Needed For This Recipe
Cutting Board
Mixing Bowls
Frying Pan
Small Saucepan
Zest Grater

Ingredients For The Chicken Marinade Batter
2 Eggs
1 Tablespoon Of Soy Sauce
Corn Flour

Ingredients For The Honey Sesame Chicken Sauce
1/4 Cup Of Water
Ketchup (1 Tbsp)
Honey (1/4 Cup)
Sesame Oil (1 Tsp)
Anise, Cinnamon, Cloves (1/2 Tbsp)
Lemon Zest
Lemon Juice (1 Tbsp)
Sesame Seeds
Sesame Oil (1 Tsp)

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