churros recipe with chocolate dip

Homemade Churros Recipe With Chocolate Dip

Preparing a delicious churro at home is very simple because few food ingredients are required: dough, water, sugar & oil. Traditional churros dishes can be thick or thin & are deep-fried.They are then sprinkled with some sugar & served alone or with drinks such as café con leche, hot chocolate, or champurrado. There are a number of variations.

The calientes of Andalusia are deep fried and simply cut into a spiral shape. Straight churros dishes are filled with a number of fresh fruits or sweets such as chocolate in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Cuba & other South American regions. Churros in the U.S. regions are often served with a fresh sugar-cinnamon combination.

Churros With Chocolate Dip Recipe & Ingredients

Step By Step Instructions

1. Pour 150 ml of water in a pot on high heat, add unsalted butter, sugar, and all purpose flour. Reduce heat and stir until the batter forms into a dough texture.

2. Place the churros dough into a mixing bowl, flatten it (see pic) and let it cool for about 10 minutes.

3. Crack open an egg in the middle of the churros dough and mix until blended, then add another egg and mix it again. The dough texture should be nice and soft and ready to pipe.

4. Now place the dough into a piping bag with a star tip and start forming your churros.. Make them long or short as you wish. 

5. Once all your churros are made pour vegetable oil in a frying pan (half way full) on high heat. When the oil heats up deep fry and cook the churros until golden brown. Enjoy this great classic sweet treat!

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