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Apple strudel is a traditional Viennese and German strudel that is also a popular pastry in different countries like Austria, Bavaria, Northern Italy, Czech and in many other countries of the world. Apple Strudel is named differently in various countries as “Strudel di mele” in Italian “savijaca sa jabukama” in Croatia and many more. 

Apple strudel is also known as Apfelstrudel in Vienna. Some people say apple strudel originated from German origin and some say it originally originated from Austro-Hungarian Empire, also known as Habsburg Empire, but no one can be sure. The first known handwritten recipe for milk strudel is from 1697 and was found in the halls of the Vienna Town Hall Library, Austria.

This dish can also be used as a sweet or savoury as it depends on the type of filling. It gained its popularity in the 18th century particularly throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire but it is more likely to be a combination of cultures that helped in its creation. 

The paper-thin layers of pastry that is especially similar to Turkish baklava. Apple strudel is one of the most popular treats in Viennese cafes, it is also considered the national dish of Austria. The filling is made after grating the cooking apples, sugar, cinnamon and bread crumbs.   

Making of Apple Strudel 

The process for making traditional Viennese strudel is quite complex. The production of strudel is an art, a small mistake can undo all your struggle. The strudel is made from a thin, elastic dough and it consists of many thin layers known as “Blätterteig”. 

plating of apple strudel

Apple strudel is made of a thin base that is made with dough (flour, oil or butter and a pinch of salt). The filling of apple is most commonly brown sugar and grated apple, lemon, nuts and cinnamon that is added intermittently between pastry layers that is used to create the “whirlpool” effect. 

The dough is baked until it is glorious golden and dusted with icing sugar when cool. You can serve apple strudel with whipped cream, vanilla sauce or custard. This pastry also tastes wonderful when accompanied by coffee, tea and even champagne, specifically in the Viennese cafes.

How To Enjoy Apple Strudel? 

You can eat the strudel however you want but ideally, strudel should be enjoyed in the historic surroundings of a Viennese coffee house. Whipped cream or vanilla custard and a strong cup of espresso can also be eaten with strudel. 

apple strudel roll

Although there are many fillings for strudel, apple will be the most common variety you encounter. Other common fillings include cream cheese (Topfenstrudel), berry, potato or spinach. Another type of pastry from Austria that is quite similar to Apple strudel is Milk-cream strudel or also known as ‘Millirahmstrudel’ and has a filling of cream filling, sweat bread and raisin. 

This strudel is typically served with vanilla sauce or custard. Apple strudel surely is the most common type of strudel but there are a number of fruit strudels that are Cheese strudels, Berry strudels, Nut strudels, Kraut strudels and many more. 

Vegetable strudels, herbs strudels, mushroom strudels, chicken strudels are also available in the market. Apple Strudel is one of the most loved cuisine in Vienna and Germany. It’s a must-try recipe and you will definitely love it. 

Recipe: Apple Strudel Recipe With Puff Pastry

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