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You undoubtedly understand that Easter would be when Christian churches commemorate Jesus’ return, however there are a few other significant Christian celebrations that occur prior to Easter Sunday. Palm Sunday is among them, since it marks the conclusion of Lent and the start of Holy Week, the 7 days running down to Easter.

If you’re curious when Palm Sunday will be in 2022, what its history is, or how Christians commemorate it now, we’ve got all the information you need right here.

The history of Palm Sunday

It commemorates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Huge crowds flocked to sing his accolades as he came into town on a donkey, and most of them put palm leaves and their robes on the roadway as a mark of respect. The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John tell the narrative of Jesus’ entry into the holy city of Jerusalem.

The passionate accounts, a term for events denoting Jesus’ final deeds and agony, are retold on this day. This is one of the reasons why Palm Sunday is also known as Passion Sunday.

Jesus gave several lectures in the week after Palm Sunday prior to getting imprisoned and executed. You might recall Jesus’ expulsion of the money lenders from either the Temple, the Last Supper, or Judas’ betraying embrace. All of these things happened in the final days of Jesus’ lifetime. A further prominent Christian event is Good Friday, which recalls Jesus’ crucifixion. His return is commemorated on Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday festivities started in the late 3rd century inside the Jerusalem Church, as per Tourists would walk around the city’s various holy sites, such as the location of Jesus’ ascension into paradise.

The church would chant the bible verse about Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem at this final location. The symbolic benediction of the palms had become an element of the ceremony throughout the 6th and 7th centuries. By the ninth century, the Western clergy had adopted the modern-day Palm Sunday.

When is Palm Sunday in 2022?

Palm Sunday is observed every year on the Sunday preceding Easter. Easter happens on the very first Sunday following the very first new moon at or after Spring equinox, although the exact day is controlled by the lunar position.

Easter seems to be on April 17, 2022, for the year. On April 15, 2022, Good Friday will fall 2 days ahead of Easter. As a result, Palm Sunday in 2022 should be on April 10th.

How Christians celebrate Palm Sunday

Many parishes will look for instances to encompass palm branches throughout there own services on Palm Sunday. In certain chapels, members of the congregation are given palm leaves that have already been sanctified by the pastor and can be used to build crosses.

Palm leaves may be used to adorn other buildings for the service. . In certain Catholic churches, a ceremony with palms may be held, in which a priest walks to the church as worshippers arrange palms in front of him.

Throughout Palm Sunday mass, the pastor or priest will typically tell the tale of Jesus’ triumphant entrance towards Jerusalem, including the sorrow account of his imprisonment and execution. They might also discuss some Palm Sunday Bible verses as well as lead the congregation together in Palm Sunday worship.

Nowadays, Christian churches celebrate Palm Sunday ceremonies, and palm branches are typically twisted into a cross to represent Jesus’ last moments on the cross. Palm culms can also be utilised in palm weaving, that also results in lovely braided symbols to place in Christian residences throughout the year.

These fronds are burned for use in the metaphorical ritual the next year in churches that celebrate Ash Wednesday by presenting remains to their congregants. Throughout the year, the branches of the bay or laurel tree are donated and utilized in preparation of food at Eastern Orthodox churches.

To honour Christ’s trip, colourful festivities with palm leaves are held in several locations. In Spain, the start of Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is marked by Domingo de Ramos, or Palm Sunday. Parades as well as other large gatherings will last until Easter Monday, or Lunes de Pascua.

Palm Sunday Recipes and Food Traditions

On Palm Sunday, the Lenten fast is ended with a fish meal comprising bakaliaros or salt cod, according to Greek custom. The traditional Palm Sunday food in various regions of Italy is handmade fettuccini pasta covered with tomato salsa, bread crumbs, and minced almonds.

Because Jesus is claimed to have consumed figs on his arrival into Jerusalem, fig cake is a popular Palm Sunday dish in the United Kingdom. Because of the relationship with the blossoming of the fig tree, the day is called in Welsh as Sul Blodau or Flowering Sunday.

A further custom still practised in Northern England and Scotland is splitting pea soup, which is inspired from the old habit of carrying a hard pea in one’s footwear as atonement throughout Lent.

Pax cakes, together with well greetings for love and fraternity, are distributed to communities in other parts of the UK following Palm Sunday mass, according to a tradition that dates back towards the 15th century.

Pax desserts

After the Palm Sunday liturgy in England even during Medieval Era, churches would dish out little pastries known as pax cakes. When the priest handed them out to the congregation, they would say something around the likes of “God and good neighbourhood.”

Fig everything

From what is now known as Passion Week, or the week before Palm Sunday, there is indeed a tale in the Bible concerning Jesus striking a barren fig tree from outside Bethany. The tree seemed to bear figs since that was loaded with leaves in the account, and Jesus reached it hungry.

When he discovered the tree was devoid of fruit, he condemned it to die. He ate figs when he arrived in Jerusalem on the day that is now known as Palm Sunday, according to tradition. As a result, figs have now grown into a popular snack on Palm Sunday.

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