Italian Traditional Lasagna

History Of Lasagna, Traditions & Origins

Whether you are a newbie to Italian food and cuisine or a longtime Italian food fan, you’re likely aware that the famous lasagna is a traditional favorite cuisine. This tasty dish is considered to be a classic for some good reasons.

With its layers of tempting food ingredients served hot & fresh from the oven, lasagna pasta is considered as the ultimate comfort food. Lasagna cuisine has a rich food history rooted in traditional Italian recipes. This warm & satisfying dish originally gets its name from the flat noodle base that creates the distinct layers that lasagna is known for. 

In between the noodles are the layers of fresh tomato sauce, ground meat, & sprinklings of cheddar or mozzarella cheese, all baked to perfection in the heating oven. 

Originally, lasagna pasta was a food dish for special occasions, because of how long the procedure took to make the lasagna from beginning till the end. But now, lasagna pasta has become a more common food dish that your whole family will love any day or night of the week.

Origin Of Lasagna

When was lasagna pasta invented? The Italian favorite lasagne that we all know and eat originated in Italy in the city of Italian city Naples during the Middle Ages. One of the first references to the modern-day lasagne pasta can be found in a 1400s English cookbook that highlighted a food dish with layers of pasta without the inclusion of tomatoes. 

baked lasagna in an iron cast past

Later, another reference of this food dish was made to lasagne in an Italian cookbook in the late 1880s that featured tomato sauce in it. The pasta dish actually evolved into the traditional lasagna of Naples known as “Lasagna di Carnevale” made with the fresh local sausage, with fried meatballs, hard-boiled eggs, some ricotta or mozzarella, and the Neapolitan Ragu. 

One of the most loved variations of this lasagna food dish is “Lasagna al Forno.” This variation comes from the Italian area of Emilia-Romagna and is cooked with ricotta or mozzarella, with thick Ragu, bechamel sauce, wine, onion, oregano, and the green sheets of pasta made with fresh spinach. Lasagne’s cuisine history wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of variety throughout the areas of Italy. 

Several areas may use different kinds of dough or sauces. The beautiful and well-known Italian region of Piedmont specializes in tasty lasagna al Sangue, which actually translates to “bloody lasagne” due to the inclusion of blood from a slaughtered pig.

Lasagna History of the Origin of Naples 

The Greek people are believed to have first settled in the region of Naples around 2BC and it is now the third-largest city of Italy. It is also the capital of Campania, one of the most crowded areas in Italy. It eventually became the epicenter of tradition and culture for the great Roman empire and played a vital role as the capital of the Duchy of Naples & the Kingdom of Naples.

How To Make Classic Lasagna? 

Lasagna pasta is comfort food and cuisine and it is always good when cooked correctly. Lasagna preparation is not that easy. Traditional lasagna pasta is carefully cooked with utmost care. 

5 layer classic traditional lasagna

There are some common mistakes made when cooking lasagna pasta that can ruin it. Ensure that you don’t overcook the noodles of Lasagna & lay them flat on a greased cookie sheet or paper to prevent clumping. Use lots of layers of sauce and then cover it halfway through the cooking time so the Lasagna won’t get dry. 

Brown the top of the pasta a little with the broiler if needed. There are several ways to change traditional lasagna pasta up. You can add a bit of spinach, some roasted red peppers, pesto, ricotta, mushrooms, zucchini and you can also use chicken, pork and fresh ground beef. 

Boiling noodles isn’t even needed today with the availability of no-boil noodles. They usually work by getting soft as the lasagna pasta bakes but there needs to be a lot of tomato sauce so the noodles get wet & cooked. Did you know that you can prepare lasagna noodles in a dishwasher? 

All you have to do is put some noodles in a dish and then you need to cover it tightly with aluminum foil & use the heated dry & sanitize cycle to make the lasagna pasta! 

Recipe: Traditional Lasagna Al Forno Dish (How To Video)

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