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History of Beef Stroganoff (Beef Stroganov)

The original Russian beef “stroganov” is actually made from the thinly sliced beef, usually taken from a tender cut of meat like fillet, since this dish needs to be the kind of lean meat that can be sautéed effortlessly, which other cuts or pieces of beef make it difficult or practically impossible to do.

It is sautéed in fresh butter with lots of mushrooms and onions and in the last step it’s combined with yummy sour cream to be served over a starch like potatoes, rice or noodles.

Origin of Beef Stroganoff 

The Russians are famous to append the popular household names to their foods and cuisines and the same thing is true for the Russian beef stroganoff. 

The first ever recorded historical and traditional account of Beef stroganov dates back to the early 19th century, where a gourmet known as Count Pavel Stroganov, who was a good friend of Alexander III as well as, the much famous St. Petersburg have been separately credited with the making of the delicious beef stroganoff recipe. 

Some even think that the origin of this Russian recipe was by an unknown cook. In any case, the first historical mention of the Beef Stroganoff is found in a famous cookbook by the Molokhovets dated in 1861, where the Russian dish was called “Beef à la Stroganov, with mustard sauce”. 

The food recipe included mildly marinated & sautéed beef pieces or cubs (instead of the beef strips we use today), cooked in a fresh mustard sauce and the bouillon and finished with a little amount of sour cream. 

In the year 1912, a version of this Russian food and cuisine was introduced with the little addition of tomato paste & onions, which was usually served with crispy potato straws. This dish was considered the old traditional Russian beef stroganoff. 

 In 1938, another stroganoff recipe was presented by ‘Larousse Gastronomique’, which involved the use of equally cut beef strips and onions in this Russian recipe along with an additional tomato sauce or mustard paste. 

Many historians think the origin of the name of the famous beef stroganoff recipes could well be owed to the well-known Stroganov family of the Russia and may have been named after Alexander Grigorievich Stroganoff from the Odessa.

In the 50s and 60s, the famous Stroganoff saw quite a bit of popularity in the United States, but with the passage of time the image was marred by the availability of canned cream of the mushroom soup and poor cuts or pieces of meat that were slopped over cooked noodles or rice and is served in school cafeterias. 

This dish saw so much popularity, it actually became an iconic food and cuisine. But unfortunately, it was this cafeteria version of this delicious dish that everyone in the United States came to associate with the name.

Popular Variations of Beef Stroganov Recipes 

In the country Australia and UK, the cooking recipe of beef stroganoff is quite similar to that in the USA and is simply eaten with rice. 

In the British restaurants, beef stroganoff food recipes are cooked to a creamy consistency and they are served with the white wine while the authentic or original stroganoffs, which are similar to red stews, are generally served with fresh sour cream scoops. 

In Portugal & Brazil, beef stroganov or beef stroganoff is better known as the “estrogonofe,” and is cooked with tomato paste, beef strips or dices, with mushrooms, onions and with heavy whipped cream. 

This dish is also served creatively in the crepe fillings or as toppings for all kinds of pizzas and with baked potatoes. Chicken Stroganoff or Stroganov, made with the strips of chicken breast is also famous in the Brazil, which is known as “Fricassee,” and it is served with crispy straws of potatoes & white rice. 

Some other variations of beef stroganoff are also made with canned sweet corn, with ketchup and wine. In the Sweden, sausage stroganoff or Stroganov is more common. If you have been scared off by the bad cafeteria versions of tasty beef stroganoff, so now is the time to give this dish another chance.

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