Lebanese food dish

One of the most famous Middle Eastern food and cuisines is the Lebanese food dishes, but the thing that differentiate Lebanese cuisine from the others is the influence of those people who have ruled this ancient region throughout its unique history.

For most of its past, this region has been ruled by many foreign powers that have influenced the types of cuisine the Lebanese ate. By far the biggest part in the Lebanese food and cuisine certainly has the Ottoman influence. For about 400 years, the Ottoman Empire ruled the region of Lebanon & left a great stamp on cuisine tastes. 

Olive oil, fresh bread, baklava, lamb meat, tasty stuffed vegetables and of course the famous dark Turkish coffee are simply some of the many unique Lebanese flavors that define Lebanese food and cuisine to this day.

Must Try Lebanese Food When Visit Lebanon 

Entering a Lebanese restaurant in any part of the world, takes you back on a special journey to the beautiful countryside of beautiful Lebanon that sits in between a lovely sea view & green mountains. 

The ambiance is filled with magical colours, images of stunning Lebanese sceneries, music & no doubt the amazing Lebanese aromas that revive the Lebanese tradition and culture anywhere around the globe. 

Many Lebanese people are born abroad as a second or third generation, & these individuals feel the nostalgia and the excellent bond to their homeland. So, as a compensation, these people usually build replicas of their towns or cities while overseas. 

These Lebanese communities are specifically significant in South America, namely Brazil, Colombia & Mexico. At the same time, in the North America region, in some countries of Canada and the United States, many Lebanese people call these two nations their home. 

Also a big Lebanese Diaspora stays in France, United Kingdom, Sweden and several other European countries. Furthermore, Australia & New Zealand host many Lebanese individuals who have also impacted the cuisine scene in the land down under.

Influence of the Ottomans 

The Ottoman Empire had ruled the Lebanon region from 1516 – 1918 and introduced varieties of food items, which became signature food dishes of the Lebanese food cuisine as the years progressed. The Ottomans included lamb as meat of choice in Lebanese food and cuisine. 

Lebanese dish dumplings

The popular dessert baklava was also a special gift from the Ottoman people to the Lebanese. Turkish coffee was first introduced to Lebanese food and cuisine as well. With the passage of time, the Turks also exported varieties of nuts, fruits and special breads to Lebanon which eventually became a part of the Lebanese cuisine.

Influence of The French 

After World War 1 (from 1914–1918), France ruled most parts of Lebanon until the country won its independence in 1946. Back then, Lebanese food and cuisine again went through varieties of changes. The French brought pie, pudding etc. to this region. 

Nomadic Tastes 

Lebanon has long maintained good connections with other parts of the world, which is the reason why you can find varieties in Lebanese food that have arrived from all corners of the world. Lebanon’s capital, which is Beirut, was once called as the Paris of the Middle East & for thousands of years nomad people would pass through this region with all sorts of exotic delicacies, like dried fruits & special spices from the Far East. 

Nowadays Lebanese stay in almost every country of the world and often these people bring new spices, flavours & influences back to the Lebanon region when they come to their country for a visit. 

While Lebanese food and cuisine has undergone varieties of changes over the past years it has always maintained a special connection with its roots. If you’re looking to try one of the world’s freshest, healthiest & most yummy cultural foods, then Lebanon is the place to visit.

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