easy popcorn chicken recipe

Popcorn chicken dish that came about in America, made up of small, nibble-sized portions of breaded or battered chicken pieces that have been deep-fried.

It’s named after popcorns because the tiny chicken bits resemble them after they are fried. It’s one of the major hits in the American fast food scene and the American people just can’t get enough of it.Popcorn chicken has been active in KFC restaurants on a regular basis.

It was brought back in the United States in 1998, and reintroduced again in 2001. The meal was subsequently resurrected and marketed in 2015 as KFC’s ‘Popcorn Nuggets’.

Popcorn Chicken Recipe Video

Cookware Needed For This Recipe

Cutting Board
Mixing Bowls
Wood Spoon Or Spatula To Stir
Frying Pan

Ingredients For This Recipe

Chicken Breast Cut In Pieces
6 Tbsp Of Milk
4 Pinches Of Salt
Red Pepper Powder Or Paprika (1/2 Tbsp)
Garlic Finely Cut (1/2 Tbsp)
Vinegar (1 Tbsp)
Soy Sauce (1 Tsp)
Pinch Of Black Pepper
Wheat Flour (140g)
Corn Starch 70g
1 Egg
Vegetable Oil
Note: See Video For Recipe Instructions.

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