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Easy Apple Sharlotka Recipe (Russian Apple Cake/Pie Dessert)

Just like the traditional American apple pie.. The Russians have a version of their own called Sharlotka.. Ingredients are very similar however Sharlotka is usually baked with apple slices on top of the cake then sprinkled with fluffy powdered sugar.

There are many versions of the this apple cake, in fact every time I tasted Sharlotka from different regions the texture and look were always different.. Some make the cake more fluffy than others and some are more dense, some had pieces of apple in the cake some only on top.

Despite the differences all the Sharlotka’s I ate tasted similar and they were delicious! The basic ingredients are always the same. The Russian Apple Cake is very easy to make, people love it because Sharlotka can be eaten anytime of the day (dessert, snack time, and even breakfast).. It’s a versatile cake that is suitable for any occasion.

Apple Sharlotka Recipe (How To Video)

How To Make Sharlotka Apple Cake

1. Add 3 eggs in a mixing bowl, add sugar and mix well with a hand mixer until it becomes creamy..

2. Now add the yogurt, melted butter and cake flour through a flour sifter to avoid big lumps. Then add 2 teaspoons of baking powder, a pinch of salt, 1/2 a teaspoon of soda, 1 tsp of cinnamon and finally mix with a spatula until all ingredients are well blended and forms into a thick creamy texture. 

3. Pour the cake batter in a cake form and start placing the apple slices on top the way you want.. Try to be creative.. Push the apples slightly into the cake batter. Bake in oven at (325 degrees F) for 45 minutes.

place apple slices on top of the cake batter

4. After 45 minutes take the apple cake out of the oven and sprinkle powdered sugar on top.. Congratulations! You just made a Sharlotka apple cake. As you make more in the future you will notice that they will get better each and every time.. With cakes it’s all about learning as you bake.

Recipe Ingredients

Cookware Needed For This Recipe
Mixing Bowls
Cake Baking Form
Hand Held Mixer
Flour Sifter
Spatula To Mix

Ingredients For This Recipe
2 Apples Cut In Slices
3 Eggs
Sugar (120 g)
Cake Flour (230 g)
Baking Powder (2 tsp)
Melted Butter (80 g)
Yogurt (160 g)
Soda (1/2 tsp)

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