3 red velvet cupcakes with different frosting

You can’t get a more traditional red velvet cupcake recipe than this.. They are beautiful and more importantly they are mouth watering, moist and delicious! In this recipe I added red dye, cocoa and buttermilk to the muffin to give it that hearty moistness and burgundy red velvet color…I also did 3 cream cheese frosting recipes that are creamy and insanely delicious..

1. Pink Sweet Cheese Cream Frosting: (Fresh Cream, Philadelphia Cheese & Cherry Syrup)
2. Nutella Cream Frosting: (Mascarpone and Nutella)
3. Simple Butter Cream Frosting; (Butter, Powdered Sugar)

Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipes (How To Video)

See Video For Ingredients

How To Make These Cupcakes

1. Prepare all your ingredients in bowls, being organized is all part of being a good cook or baker. 

2. In a mixing bowl add the butter, then add half the sugar.. Mix it with a hand mixer until blended then add 1 whole egg, 1 egg yolk and the rest of the sugar.. Continue mixing until all ingredients are blended, add the cocoa powder and 1-2 teaspoons of vanilla powder.. Mix until it becomes thick, smooth and creamy.

3. In a separate little bowl add the buttermilk, red dye and mix with a spoon.

add the buttermilk, red dye and mix with a spoon

4. Once the red dye is mixed with the buttermilk pour it into the red velvet muffin batter. Continue mixing with the hand held mixer then add the baking powder and flour slowly while always mixing. The end result will be a thick creamy burgundy colored muffin batter.

red velvet muffin batter

5. When the muffin batter is well mixed, you can start to form the red velvet cupcakes with a pipe in cupcake liners that should be placed in a muffin baking pan.. Fill the cups 3/4 full.

filling muffin baking pan

7. Bake in a preheated oven at (350 degrees F) for 15 minutes. The muffins will rise with a moist soft texture and ready to be frosted.

3 Red Velvet Frosting Recipes

Buttermilk Cream Frosting
Butter (50g)
Powdered Sugar (100g)
1 Tsp Of Vanilla Powder (Optional)
1 Tbsp Of Milk (Optional)

Add the butter in a mixing bowl with powdered sugar.. Mix with a hand mixer until creamy and smooth. You can add some vanilla powder or a little milk (optional). Use a pipe with a start tip to make a twirl shape frosting. (see pic).. Top the frosting with dried cranberries or blueberries.

Buttermilk Cream Frosting

Pink Sweet Cheese Cream Frosting
Fresh Cream (150g)
Philadelphia Cheese (100g)
Powdered Sugar (30g)
1 Tbsp Of Black Cherry Syrup
Black Cheery (For Frost Topping)

This frosting is so yummy and one of my favorite frostings for any cake.. Add fresh cream, Philadelphia cheese and powdered sugar in a bowl and mix with a hand mixer. Add a tablespoon of black berry syrup and stir.. You should get a rose colored cream, top it with more syrup and a black cherry.

Pink Sweet Cheese Cream Frosting

Nutella Cream Frosting
Mascarpone (200g)
Nutella (50g)
Crushed Pistachios (Frost Topping)

This frosting recipe is delicious and easy.. Mix the Mascarpone cheese with the Nutella until creamy. Frost the muffin with a starred tip pipe and top it with crushed salted pistachios.

Nutella Cream Frosting

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