strawberry mousse dessert

Brazilian Strawberry Mousse Dessert (Gelatina De Morango)

In Brazil “Gelatina De Morango” is Strawberry Mousse.. I love this recipe, it’s light and refreshing and makes a great dessert after any meal. Not only does it taste great and easy to make, the recipe is very versatile. 

Once you have the strawberry mousse done you can either make mousse cakes with cake molds or even mousse cups.. You can decorate it with fruits, berries, oatmeal crumbs, cold whip cream or whatever you or your guests desire.

How To Make This Strawberry Mousse Dessert

1. First let’s start making the Jello, boil 1 cup of water in a small pot and pour in 1 pack of strawberry jello. Slowly mix until the Jello is dissolved leaving no lumps then let simmer until you make the rest of the recipe.

2. Put 5 egg whites in a medium size bowl and beat with a handheld beater until it’s nice and fluffy, then pour the lukewarm Jello and 1 can of table cream and continue beating until it’s well mixed and fluffy.

3. Then taste the mousse to see if the sweetness is at your wish or you can add sugar to make it sweeter and continue beating. 

4. Stop beating when mix is fluffy and there are no lumps. Then add small pieces of fresh cut strawberries and stir into the mix (do not beat). Leave some whole strawberries aside for decorations. 

5. Once the mousse is done you can keep it in the bowl, pour into a cake mold to make it look like a cake, or you can pour it in mousse cups to make the mousse look fancy and elegant. Then refrigerate for about 5 to 8 hours. 

6. After refrigerated the strawberry mousse is ready to serve! You can decorate the mousse with an assortment of berries, or cool whipped cream if you like. Enjoy! 

Recipe Ingredients

  Cookware Needed For This Recipe       

Handheld Beater
Bowl, Cake Mold, or Mousse Cups
Small Boiling Pot

  Ingredients For This Recipe                    

1 Pack Of Strawberry Jello (Can Use Gelatin Strips)
1 Cup Of Water
5 Egg Whites (Helps The Mousse Become more rich and creamy in texture)
1 Can Of Creme De Leche (Table Cream)
Fresh Cut Strawberries

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