McCook 15 Piece Block Knife Set

Best Block Knife Sets To Buy Under $100

If you want to buy a block knife set and your budget is less than $100.. Based on price vs quality, below are some of our favorite block knife sets priced under $100 that we can recommend with confidence.. They are also listed in Amazon’s top 10 best sellers for block knife sets.

1. McCook 15 Piece Block Knife Set

Priced at $72.99 at the time of this post.. The McCook 15 piece set is our number one pick.. The block is made with natural wood and comes with a built in sharpener.. Included in the set is 12 stainless steel knives and 2 shears (kitchen scissors).. 

Features We Liked About This Set:
– Yes! The sharpener really sharpens unlike many block sets that have terrible sharpeners.
– Knife handles and blades are one piece so you don’t have to worry about lose handles.
– Long Lasting and rust free.

2. Home Hero 17 Piece Acrylic Block Set

Place this block knife set on your kitchen counter and it will change the whole look of your kitchen, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Priced at only $54.99, the set is a perfect mix of kitchen decor & practicality. Features knives for all cutting purposes and textures such as: carving, cutting cheese, slicing pizza, bread and cutting steak seamlessly with excellent precision.. 

17 piece acrylic knife set

3. Amota 18 Piece Knife Set

If you want a knife set that meets all of your cooking needs, this is it! Priced only at $71.99, the AMOTA TIO Knife Set is made of high carbon Japanese stainless steel. Perfect for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing all kinds of meats, vegetables, fruits and breads.

Amota 18 Piece Knife Set

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