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3 Most Popular Croquettes In The World (Easy To Make & Delish!)

These three little munchkins are the most popular croquettes on the planet.. Served in restaurants, street corners and markets around the world. Delicious and easy to make. Until today and through out the years these croquettes have had various modifications to their ingredients but the basics are always the same..

They make great appetizers, they are hearty enough to fill your belly at lunch and they are ideal for on the go treats. Click the links below for recipe video and detailed instructions and ingredients. 

1. Falafel (Vegan Croquette)


The Middle East is considered as an extremely commercial region, there’s a lot of trade in this particular region, a lot of commercial ports: Gaza, Beirut, etc. The falafel sroquette spread all over the world thanks to these streams. Wars, battles & conquests are also considered as the origin of Falafel spread.

2. Coxinha (Chicken Croquette)

coxinha de frango

Coxinha is a well-known street food snack in the country of Brazil and is fun & economical food to make. Think of it as savory dough formed into a chicken drumstick with a delicious creamy chicken salad filling.

3. Arancini (Sicilian Rice Balls)


Among the most imitated food and cuisine in the world, Sicilian arancini rice balls are one of the masterpieces that the regional food offers to both locals and tourists.

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