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Publix Grocery Deals 12/15/22 (Pam, Hunts, Bustelo, Del Monte & Planters)

This week we spotted some hot “buy one get one free” deals at Publix grocery stores.. They will probably sell out within a week so if you want to save some money on these grocery products head on over to Publix stores and snag some bargains for yourself.

2 Pam Non-Stick Cooking Sprays Only $5.07

pam original cooking sprays

Score 2 (6oz) Pam original cooking sprays for only $5.00.. That’s $2.50 each. without taxes.. We compared prices with several merchants and this is the lowest price we found on Pam as of December-15-2022. Amazon is presently selling pam at $$5.39, Kroger at $4.86 each and Walmart has original Pam cooking sprays priced at $4.28.

2 Hunts 15oz Tomato Sauce Cans $1.91

hunts canned tomato sauce

Before inflation, looking back at a year ago these tomato sauce cans were selling for roughly $0.69 each.. Yes prices took a spike up and we need to adapt to inflation.. This week score 2 Hunts tomato sauce cans for only $$1.91 ($0.95 ea.).. Most grocery stores have these cans priced at $1.24 and higher including Walmart.

Bustelo Espresso Ground Coffee (10 oz) Bag – $6 For 2

Coffee in the morning is a must for me.. Snagged several bags today. Publix is selling (10 oz) Bustelo brick packs for only $3 each when you buy two. Walmart has the same Bustelo coffee priced at $3.76 each and Amazon is currently selling 12 packs for $$50.28 ($4.16 each).

10 Cans Of Del Monte Vegetable Cans For $10 ($1.00 ea.)

Time to stock up on these veggie cans if you need them.. Score ten (14.5 oz) vegetable cans for only $10.. Dollar Tree has the same Del Monte cans priced at $1.25, Walmart has them in store priced at $1.42 each.. Publix has the best prices on Del Monte vegetable cans this week!

2 Planters (8oz) Cashews Canisters Or Peanuts Only $7.19

planters peanuts and cashews deal

Wow! Pretty good deal! Most grocery stores with the same products from Planters have them priced at over $5.00 each.. This week you can score them at $3.60 each at Publix.

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