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10 Pepsico Brand Coupons (Pepsi, MTN Dew, Doritos, Frito Lay…)

Pepsi Manufacturer (Printable & Mail Coupons)

10 Pepsi Brand Coupons
Choose 10 manufacturer coupons from Pepsico brand foods to be mailed directly to your home. Right now they have coupons for Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Cap’n Crunch cereal, lays potato chips, smart food popcorn, Frito Lay baked chips, Quaker and more. You can request their manufacturer coupons every month.

Note: You can print them out but I prefer having them mailed.. I can confirm that Tasty Rewards does send the coupons, I received them a few weeks ago. Had no problems redeeming them at Walmart. 🙂

Publix (Digital)

Clip 6 Pepsi Coupons
* $5.00 when you spend $20.00 on PepsiCo Brands
* $2.00 discount when you buy 1 Publix Ground Beef..
* $1.00 off when you buy one 10 Pack Mini Pepsi Cola
* $1 coupon for Pepsi Zero Sugar mini cans.
* $2 off Pepsi 2 liters. (All Expire: February-12-2023)

Pepsi ManufacturerPepsi Deals

Expired Coupons

Save $0.50 On Doritos and Ruffles
Print 2 coupons for Ruffles and Doritos chips. Get $0.50 off any bag of Doritos tortilla chips (9.25 oz+, any flavor/variety) and $0.50 off any bag of Ruffles potato chips (7.25 oz.+, any flavor/variety).

Save $3 Off Eligible Pepsi Products
Get a $3 discount on Pepsi brand products when you buy any 1 Pepsi-Cola product and 1 Frito-Lay product… See coupon for details. Expires: (September-19-2022)

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