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Free Ring Sizers & Jewelry Related Stuff

Fun Fact: Do you know that 90% off people don’t know their ring size.. The stores and companies below not only offer some great advice on fine jewelry but they also offer free ring sizers upon request.

Free Ring Sizer From Blue Nile
I received their free ring sizer last year blue… and very useful! In fact, I used it multiple times over the’s a great freebie!

Free Ring Sizer Tape From Irish Shop
Just fill in your details and Irish Shop will mail you a ring sizer tape to you free. Allow approx. 10 working days to arrive by mail to U.S. or Canada.

Free Stone Color Chart & Welcome Kit
From Rhinestones.. Scroll down until you see the request form.

Free Plastic Cocktail Ring Sizer
Your ring sizer will arrive by mail within 4 weeks from Pharaoun.

Complimentary Ring Sizer From Loop Jewelry
Get a free ring sizer tape so you can easily find your ring size in the comfort of your home.

Free Ring Sizer Nal Adams
100% free ring sizer delivered to your doorsteps with $0 shipping charges.

Wedding Rings Direct
After completing their form online, your ring sizer should take 2 or 3 days to arrive by mail.

My Trio Rings
Scroll down the page and click on “Begin Ring Sizer Request”.. A pop up will appear then just follow instructions.

Rock Ford Collection
Enter your contact information for a free ring sizer kit. They also provide a video on how to measure your ring finger.

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