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If I had to recommend legitimate websites that giveaway free samples, below would be my top freebie sites. I received many product samples by mail from these companies and they were totally free with no shipping charges and no strings attached.

Pinchme (All Sorts Of Product Samples)

This company has been out for awhile and their freebies are totally free.. Simply create an account and complete your profile. Samples are available every month on a first come first serve basis or while supplies last.. Pinchme works with established manufacturers such as Kellogg’s, Hallmark, Nestle and more. After receiving your samples you may be required to leave a review which will earn you Pinchme coins for rewards.

Send Me A Sample

For this company you will need to enable Alexa or Google Voice assistant.. “Send Me A Sample” works with many brand names and their product samples range anywhere from fragrance to beauty, food and pet care products just to name a few. Go here to see their current freebie..


Gratsy is a sampling company that pairs people with products they think they’ll love. Create a truthful profile and check your account once and awhile if free product are availble for you.

Sampler Products

Sign up and build your profile, they will email you when product samples are available.. Or you can also check your account daily for new offers.

ProductSamples By SoPost

A new legit sample site that promises free products every month. Tell them a little about yourself to give them an Idea of what products you want to try and sample. Check your emails, each moneth they will post products in your account that are available for you.. (Beauty samples, snacks… etc)

Popsugar Dabble (Free Beauty Products)

Create an account with them and build your profile, beauty product samples will appear when available in your profile in the products section under “available for you”. Popsugar does not email you when free samples are available so it would be wise to check your account daily or weekly.

TreatSpot (Apply To Try Products)

This site is new so I haven’t tried it yet, it does look like a legit site.. Sign up and click on the “apply to try” tabs on the products that you want to try.. They will contact you within 7-10 days if you are eligible to get free samples

Healthy Snack Box

Haven’t received any products from this site yet however I will give them the benefit of the doubt.. They look legit! Get a box of free healthy snack products delivered to your doorsteps and all you do is let them know what you think. Shipping is free. No credit card required.

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