List of free stickers, posters, pins, patches & Magnets

List Of Free Stickers, Posters, Pins & Magnets

Looking for free stickers for your locker, bedroom, cooler, boat or car? Are you a sticker collector? You came to the right place.. Many companies offer free stickers for promotional reasons, it’s a great way to brand your name..

Politicians, Political Parties and Foundations also love giving away free stickers to send a message. Below are some places where you can get free stickers, magnets and bumper stickers.. Love sharing freebies!

Newly Added Stickers

Free American Prairie Stickers
Fill out the form to receive a free sticker.

Howies Hockey Stickers
Subscribe to their free catalog mailings and request free stickers.. Arrives within 3-4 weeks by mail.

Free Y’all Means All Bumper Sticker
When it arrives, take a photo and share on social media using #yallmeansall and #vvs2018 to help us share a message of positivity and acceptance during this year’s anti-LGBT.

Free Wolverine Stickers
Sign up to receive a free pack of Wolverine stickers by mail.

No Farms No Food Bumper Sticker
Get it free by mail from American Farmland Trust.

Free “I Love Soil” Stickers
Soil Science will send you several “I Love Soil” stickers that you can take with you on summer vacations, business trips, field work, etc.

Free “It’s Better In A Union” Sticker
Standing together with co-workers in a union makes a tangible difference in your life that you feel every day. Life is better in a union. Show your union pride with a Better in a Union Sticker!

Free Boat Or Truck Decal From Wildlife Forever
By signing up, Clean Drain Dry Pro-Ambassadors receive a free boat or truck decal to spotlight their commitment to helping stop the spread. Protect our Nation’s waters from invasive species.

Free We Are Not Nuggets Poster (11×17)
You can get one copy of this 11″ x 17″ poster for FREE—order now and we’ll throw in free peta2 stickers, too. Takes four to six weeks to arrive by mail.

Note: If The Link above does not work copy and paste the link below in a new browser.

Free “No Pine Tree Power” Bumper Sticker
Help spread the word to your neighbors about the Pine Tree Power plan to seize Maine’s power grid, hand it over to unqualified  politicians, and put us billions of dollars in debt.

Free Sea Turtles Bumper Sticker
Fill out the form and they will send you a free, colorful “Lights Out” bumper sticker.

Free Motorcycle Decal Stickers
Details: Fill out the form with your name and address then select “company information” from the dropdown menu. In the message box ask them for some decal stickers.. Mention brand names like Polaris, Timbersled, Slingshot or Indian Motorcycles.. Yes, they do send them if they have in stock.

Free Milwaukee Die-Cut Vinyl Decal
Request and confirm your address to claim a free vinyl decal..

Free Pride Sticker
We have created stickers featuring our Pride Week logo and we’re giving them out for free. Fill out the form and we will mail you one free-of-charge.

Free Jewish Resistance Sticker
Fill out the form with the full address you’d like us to ship your free sticker.

Free Stigma Pledge Stickers
I pledge to choose my words wisely… From the CDC.

Free Heart Sticker
Do you know these common cardiac symptoms? We’ve created a heart sticker to help you keep these signs and symptoms front of mind…

Free “Join The Charge” Sticker
Fill out the form to get your stickers by mail and support SMUD..

Free Happy Sloth Sticker Pack
Add your name to pledge now and receive a free sticker pack from our friends at Happy Sloth Co.! 

Freezer Labels & Sample Sticker Packs
Try their sticker products and freezer labels for free before you buy… Choose the Blank labels that you can print or write information on so you can use them.

Free Milk Aide Magnet
Up to 5 magnets free, add to cart and checkout. Milk Aide magnet is a reminder of the different milk requirements under the meal patterns in the CACFP.

Free Laurens Promise Sticker
Scroll to the bottom of the page to see form. Promotes Campus safety..

Free Swell Vision Sticker
If you want in on the action, join their email list for a free Swell Vision sticker!

Free PickleBall Sticker
You can proudly display your Pickle Ball sticker on your water bottle, laptop, journal, or even on your vehicle.

Free Annie’s Bunny Sticker Swag
Annie’s will only mail to US mailing addresses.. Stickers pack includes:
– “Sun’s Out Buns Out” (8” x 2.25”)
– “Recycle! No Butts About It” (8” x 2.25”)
– “Somebunny Loves You” (8” x 2.25”)
– Cruisin’ Bus with Annie’s (4.25”)
– Bunny Love (4.25”)
– Protect Our Planet (4.25”)
– Scoot Scoot! Sticker (8” x 1.5”)

Free Watercraft Safety ID Decal
From Coast Guard Foundation.. Sign up via Facebook and fill out the form.

Free Rockbox Stickers
Fill out our contact form! We’ll mail you our current sticker for free..

Free Efficiency Bitch Sticker
For proud, ambitious, goal-oriented type of women..

Free “MeTVfm 87.7” Car Magnet
Get a free MeTVFM magnet! And, once you’ve affixed the magnet to your vehicle, email them a photo so they can post it to share on the MeTVFM website.

Free Bitcoin “No Inflation” Stickers
Choose your country (Canada or USA). Enter your mailing address and they will send you a free Orange Pill Pack in the mail! Your stickers are shipped in a discrete plain white envelope.

Free “I Choose Hope” Decal
Put the decal on your window, water bottle, locker, or any place that reminds you to keep choosing hope, and invite others to choose hope as well!

Free Defend The Flock Magnet
Type the word “flock” in their search.. Add to cart.. It’s free!

Free Fruitstand Stickers
Add to cart and fill out the form. Limit 1 per person and 2 per household.

Free Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin
Vietnam veterans who cannot attend an event can receive a Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin by providing them a current mailing address here.

Free “We Are Undeniable” Stickers
When we come together, change is not just possible, it’s inevitable. Simply fill out the form to claim your free sticker.

Rep The Moose Sticker
From Duluth Pack.. Sticker should arrive by mail within 4 weeks.

Free Greenpeace Sticker
Submit your name and mailing address to receive a free limited edition sticker by mail to help spread awareness about Bitcoin’s climate damage and build support for a code change!

Free Fridge Magnet – Food Safety
On Twitter: Shows key minimum internal cooking temperatures.. While supplies last!

Weaver Leather Supply stickers
Two free Weaver Leather Supply stickers, perfect for your workbench, machinery or shop wall.

Free Animal Rights Stickers
From Peta.. Get Free Stickers to Promote Never Wearing Animals..

Free Positivity Bumper Sticker
Enter your info to subscribe and they will send you a free bumper sticker by mail. (Only one sticker per household.)

Free Valvoline Patches, Stickers & Hats
You can get many promotional items from Valvoline such as shirts, hats, bandanas, patches and stickers all for free by earning rewards points.. There are many ways to earn free points and they add up fast!.. To get started sign up here to get 500 points for free. Then visit this page to see how to earn more free points.

Free National Park Clean Up Kit
Great Freebie! Kit Includes green bags, gloves, reflective vest, sunscreen, sanitizers, first aid kit and bumper stickers. Clean up kits are only available within the U.S.

“I Suck At Drawing” Sticker
Fill out the form and submit.. Give it 2 to 3 weeks for your free stickers to arrive by mail! Perfect for sticking onto your laptop, phone case, desk, car dash, fridge, and notebooks.

America’s Military Voting Sticker
let them know where to send your free sticker.

Free Affinity Pin
Compliments of the Lutheran World Relief Quilt & Kit Ministry.

Strong Women Stick Together Sticker
Fill out the form and they will mail you a free sticker designed by social impact artist, Alex Bowman. 

Black Minds Change Lives Sticker
Consider chipping in to help them continue their work to fight back against racist, right-wing policies that aim to erase Black history.

Free “We Stand Together” Sticker, Pin, Bracelet
Help power their continued work to protect the LGBTQIA+ community.

Free Decal From Ducks Unlimited
Enter your address and sign up to get their newsletter.

Free Art Classroom Poster For Teachers
Due to a high volume of requests, please allow 4–6 weeks for delivery.

Free J&R Harley Davidson Sticker
Please allow 4 weeks for processing and mailing.

Free “I Love You” Stickers
Pretty cool freebie! Simply fill out the form and sign up.

Unapologetic Sticker
Scroll down to the bottom of their page and fill out the form.

Free Art Sticks Stickers
scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your email and follow through.

National Poetry – Free Poster
Get the official 2023 poster that was designed by Marc Brown, creator of the popular Arthur book and PBS television series.

“We Are Undeniable”
Fill out the form to get a free sticker mailed to your home.

Free Facebook Sticker
Spread the word with this free “Facebook Isn’t Your Friend” sticker and let them know that we won’t stand for their dangerous actions that impact all of us.

Free LoudWomen Stickers
click on “free sticker initiative” and fill out the form.

Free Water Rowing & Ski Posters
Pick the posters that you want and fill out the request form.

Hook & Tackle Fishing Stickers
Great stickers for people who love fishing.. A variety of fishing stickers are available and their selection of stickers are picked randomly. Allow 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.

Free 2023 Ammo Poster
They will mail you a fold-out poster for quick reference and individual bullet information..

Free Father’s Day Window Cling
Request an “I AM DAD” mirror cling that features uplifting words of affirmation.

“I Read Banned Books” Sticker
Get it free by mail! Support the campaign to stop the right-wing politicians behind attacks on our schools. 

“Giddy Up! Cowgirl” Stickers
These stickers are from Bad Athletics #StrongGirlSummer, click start and follow through.

Free Poster From Nuclear Reactor
Help emergency Reactor spread the word on nuclear energy.. Order a free poster!

Free Bumper Sticker
“This Vehicle Yields To Pedestrians”, request it by mail.

Free Wildlife Poster
Fill out the form below to receive your free poster in the mail. (U.S Only., while supplies last.)

Pro-Science, Pro-Health, Pro-Vaccine Sticker
Fill out the form to get a sticker mailed to your home. Help power their campaign to stop the far right’s lies and conspiracy theories…

Get Free Stuff & Stickers From TNT Fireworks
Become a TNT club member to get a free welcome kit that includes a free poster, magnets, stickers, tattoos and more.

Free Covenant House Sticker
Every kid deserves a place to sleep.

Free Dallas Cannabis Stickers
We got a sweet sticker pack. If you want one let us know where to send it by mail. Due to the number of request, stickers could take up to 3 months to arrive.

In God We Trust – Free Decal Window Cling
There’s no better way to put your religious freedom into action…

Free Journal, Pen & Bumper Sticker
Fill out the form if you are interested in receiving an exclusive journal, elevation pen and bumper sticker..

Scuba Dive Jamaica Sticker
Must send them a picture or post a pic of your new sticker on instagram, then email them your address.

Free Animal Stickers
From Influx data.. Simply complete the form with your address and name.

Free “We are Dreamers” Stickers
Offer from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee..

Free APA Logo Pin & Sticker
APA stands for American Psychological Association.. Fill out the form and click on “Get Your Free Pin”.

Free Voting Rights Stickers
I served our country and I will keep fighting for our voting rights.

Free US / Israel Flag Pin
You can show your solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people by requesting your FREE US-Israel Flag Pin

Free Positivity Sticker
From Moshe Popack.. Simply fill out the form and submit.

Free Spooky Kitten Magnets & Stickers
DM your address through Twitter and they will ship it for free!

Free Bad Athletics Scary Strong Sticker
Click start and follow through with the form..

“Vote Like It’s 1973” Sticker
Defeat anti-abortion extremists at the ballot box this fall..

Southern Marsh Collection Stickers
Choose your sticker, fill out the form and submit, they will send you an email to confirm your order.

Free Annapolis Pride Car Magnet
By proudly displaying your Annapolis Pride car magnet you are helping to increase visibility and awareness of the LGBTQ+ community.

Free 2023 Fellowship Calendar
Their calendars have beautiful pictures of Israel and religious sites. Be expecting it within 2 months after you submit your requests. Us Residents only while supplies last.

Free Discover Signs & Stickers for Businesses
Have a business? Let people know you accept Discover with a free packet of promotional stickers.

Free “Google Pay” Sticker Kit For Your Store
5 cash register stickers
2 double-sided window stickers
9 point of sale stickers

“Roe, Roe, Roe Your Vote” Sticker
New sticker freebie from moveon.rog, to get it by mail simply fill out the form and order the sticker.

Free Limited Edition Idaho Scenic Stickers
Request up to five of the new limited-edition scenic byways stickers designed by award-winning Idaho artist Ward Hooper.

Free Refrigerator Magnet Sample Pack
At the moment shipping is free.. Business or organization is required.

Pray For America Bumper Sticker
Take the pledge to pray for America.. They will send you a free bumper sticker plus a post cards to share with friends and family.

Free Paramedic Instruction Fridge Magnet
This one is from safeguard medical alert systems.. Safeguard offers healthcare professionals a variety of personal emergency response solutions.

Free “Live Free & Be Happy” Stickers
Promotional sticker from Whimsical Wolf.. One request per household, can take up to 6 months to arrive due to overwhelming requests.

Free Valvoline Patches & Stickers
Get 500 points just for joining Team Valvoline, enough to get free patches and stickers when available.

Free Stickers That Are No Longer Available

Free Keds Sticker Pack
Available for US residents only.. Pro-Keds is a very popular shoe brand that carries popular stylish basketball shoes and sneakers for kids, women and men.

Texas Rising Hat Stickers
These stickers are available for Texas residents only. After filling out the form they will send them by mail.

Free Holographic Boot Stickers + Bandana
Limited Time Promotion from Amarillo… Get a free boot sticker, when you receive it by mail send them a picture of the sticker placed on your car to get a free bandana.

Free Skate Free Charlie Sticker
Help the Skate Free Charlie mission in getting Charlie on as many Zamboni’s as possible by requesting and displaying our stickers.

Free Sample Pack Of Temporary Tattoos & Stickers
This Free Sticker Sample promo is no longer available.

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