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Newly Added Stickers

New! Weaver Leather Supply stickers
Two free Weaver Leather Supply stickers, perfect for your workbench, machinery or shop wall.

Free Bad Athletics Scary Strong Sticker
Click start and follow through with the form..

Free Keds Sticker Pack
Available for US residents only.. Pro-Keds is a very popular shoe brand that carries popular stylish basketball shoes and sneakers for kids, women and men.

“Vote Like It’s 1973” Sticker
Defeat anti-abortion extremists at the ballot box this fall..

Southern Marsh Collection Stickers
Choose your sticker, fill out the form and submit, they will send you an email to confirm your order.

Free Annie’s Bunny Sticker Swag
Annie’s will only mail to US mailing addresses.. Stickers pack includes:
– “Sun’s Out Buns Out” (8” x 2.25”)
– “Recycle! No Butts About It” (8” x 2.25”)
– “Somebunny Loves You” (8” x 2.25”)
– Cruisin’ Bus with Annie’s (4.25”)
– Bunny Love (4.25”)
– Protect Our Planet (4.25”)
– Scoot Scoot! Sticker (8” x 1.5”)

Free Ukraine Solidarity Sticker Pack
They have a limit each day so if you don’t see the request form try the next day at 10AM PST. Packet includes 3 stickers: 2 qty heart pride sticker (2″ and 4″ high), 1 qty Ukrainian flag sticker (5″)

Still Active Sticker Promotions

Free Annapolis Pride Car Magnet
By proudly displaying your Annapolis Pride car magnet you are helping to increase visibility and awareness of the LGBTQ+ community.

Free 2023 Fellowship Calendar
Their calendars have beautiful pictures of Israel and religious sites. Be expecting it within 2 months after you submit your requests. Us Residents only while supplies last.

Free Discover Signs & Stickers for Businesses
Have a business? Let people know you accept Discover with a free packet of promotional stickers.

Free “Google Pay” Sticker Kit For Your Store
5 cash register stickers
2 double-sided window stickers
9 point of sale stickers

“Roe, Roe, Roe Your Vote” Sticker
New sticker freebie from moveon.rog, to get it by mail simply fill out the form and order the sticker.

Free Limited Edition Idaho Scenic Stickers
Request up to five of the new limited-edition scenic byways stickers designed by award-winning Idaho artist Ward Hooper.

Free “I Love You” Stickers
Pretty cool freebie! Simply fill out the form and sign up.

Hook & Tackle Fishing Stickers
Great stickers for people who love fishing.. A variety of fishing stickers are available and their selection of stickers are picked randomly. Allow 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.

Free Refrigerator Magnet Sample Pack
At the moment shipping is free.. Business or organization is required.

Pray For America Bumper Sticker
Take the pledge to pray for America.. They will send you a free bumper sticker plus a post cards to share with friends and family.

Free Paramedic Instruction Fridge Magnet
This one is from safeguard medical alert systems.. Safeguard offers healthcare professionals a variety of personal emergency response solutions.

Free “Live Free & Be Happy” Stickers
Promotional sticker from Whimsical Wolf.. One request per household, can take up to 6 months to arrive due to overwhelming requests.

No Farms No Food Bumper Sticker
Get it free by mail from American Farmland Trust.

Texas Rising Hat Stickers
These stickers are available for Texas residents only. After filling out the form they will send them by mail.

Freezer Labels & Sample Sticker Packs
Try their sticker products and freezer labels for free before you buy… Choose the Blank labels that you can print or write information on so you can use them.

“Giddy Up! Cowgirl” Stickers
These stickers are from Bad Athletics #StrongGirlSummer, click start and follow through.

Free SugarLoaf Stickers
Fill out the sticker request form, you can choose up to 5 stickers. Sugarloaf is a company that plans ski trips, golf trips and other activities in Sugarloaf Maine USA.

Free Pinveson Panda Sticker
They giving out giving out free stickers to the first 300 people who fill out the form

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