free products for mamas with newborn babies

Free Products For Mamas With Newborn Babies

Free C-Section Recovery Gel Pads
If you recently had a C-section you can apply to try free recovery gel pads from “Lansinohmom”.. Most moms get accepted.. Pads are great for mamas who are in the period between 10 days and 6 weeks after birth when stitches are removed and the wound is closed but still healing.

Free Samples Triple Paste Diaper Rash
Triple paste is looking for parents to try their new baby rash products for free in exchange for product feedback.

Free Breast Pumps & Milk Storage Bags (Insurance Required)
Provide your insurance information and Aeroflow will submit all required paperwork on your behalf.. If accepted you can choose from a wide selection of top breast pumps and supplies all free of charge.

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