free greeting letter from white house

Free Presidential Greeting Letter For Birth Of A Child From The White House

How cool is this! Just found this freebie and apparently some greeting letters come with frames.. You can request a free greetings letter straight from the white house signed by the president for any important achievement. (Birth of a child, adoption, birthdays, graduation, condolence, weddings and anniversaries.) Make sure you select “request a presidential greeting” on the form.

Letter should arrive within 4 to 6 weeks depending what state you live. White House will send greetings only to United States citizens.
*** The White house can not guarantee all requests will be fulfilled. ***


  • Baby greetings are available for babies within a year of their birth date.
  • Birthday greetings are available for civilians celebrating their 100th birthday.
  • An anniversary card can be sent to couples who are celebrating their 50th, 60th, or 70th wedding anniversary.

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