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Free Father’s Day Grill Wall Hanger (JCP Craft Event For Kids)

Upcoming Jc Penney Craft Events (Kids)

Free Father’s Day Grill Hanger
Create a a sizzling Father’s Day wall hanger with your child… Includes foam mobile pieces, string, note cards and marker. Craft event held in JCP stores Saturday June-10-2023 from 11 to Noon..

Note: After completing six crafts, kids get a master medallion, ID badge and collectors pin each month. Parents get exclusive savings and perks.

Passed Craft Events

Free Mother’s Day Bouquet
Create and bring home a special Mother’s Day bouquet with your child… Includes box, straws, flower and leaf cutouts, note cards and marker. Craft event held in JCP stores Saturday May-13-2023 from 11 to Noon..

Free Flower Kit
Kids get to grow their own flower kit… Includes free pot, foam stickers, seeds and peat moss. Craft event held in JCP stores Saturday April-8-2023 from 11 to Noon..

Free Wind Chime
Kids get to build it and bring it home.. Includes sun catcher, strings, chimes and markers. Event held in JCP stores Sunday March-11 from 11 to Noon..

Free Panda Or Sloth Valentine
Panda or Sloth figure, foam stickers and markers included. February-11 from 11 to Noon In Jc Penney stores.

Free Halloween Treasure Box
Kids club event held on October-9-2022 at participating Jc Penney stores.. Kids get to build and keep a Halloween treasure box, includes a round box with lid, foam stickers and more…

Free Gingerbread House Or Reindeer Stable
Upcoming craft event is on Saturday December-10 from 11am to noon, kids get to build their crafts in store and bring them home.. This Craft event includes house pieces, gingerbread, reindeer figures and holiday stickers.. In addition parents get an exclusive 10% coupon that can be stacked with other coupons.

Stitch Your Own Penguin Pillow
Craft activity includes felt pieces, stickers, plastic needle, thread and stuffing.. Held in JC Penney stores on January-14-2023.

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