samples of stem root supplements

Not everybody will get their samples.. Depends on your location and on the answers you provide in the questionnaire.. You can apply to try the 3 Stem & Root products below. Many companies do this to get feedback before their products hit the shelves.

Melatonin Free Sleep Aid Product
One of their latest innovations the “NEW Melatonin-Free Sleep Support“- a botanical blend of natural, non-habit-forming ingredients that works with your body’s natural sleep cycle and promote relaxation for a quality night’s sleep. 

Try Their New PMS Relief Product
Their new PMS Relief product is a potent supplement that uses natural ingredients (like Chasteberry, Ginger, and Valerian Root) to provide period and PMS symptom relief all month long. 

Sample Their New Game On Supplements
Their new Game On product is a natural yet powerful brain-boosting supplement that improves short-term memory, boosts energy, and supports focus..

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