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Free Botanical Interests Product Catalog
We’re excited to announce that we are hard at work creating our 2024 Botanical Interests seed catalog.. Fill out the form and be the first to receive it.

About Botanical Interests

If you are a novice or advanced gardener, Botanical Interest catalog is a must have.. You can now request their 2023 print edition full of gardening photo’s, how to articles and planting tips along with their seed and gardening products..

Botanical Interest is all about high quality seeds and gardening products.. Their website is full of valuable info on gardening and a offers a wide variety of seed packets all beautifully packaged with information about the plant, its history and special growing requirements.

The company started over 25 years ago by Curtis Jones and Judy Seaborn.. Together with their experience they share their desire and inspire the joy of seed gardening with their customers nationwide. Request a Catalog By Mail Here.

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