Deal Alert! Kid’s Bed Sheet Sets Only $7.99 In 99 Cent Stores – 04/18/23

OMG! Just walked in a 99 cents store in Vegas and “boy oh boy” there are killer deals in this store.. I’m here for a couple of months and Im so happy I have one next to where i’m living at the moment.. If you live in Arizona, Nevada, California or Texas and you need Bed Sheet sets for your children’s beds you can score them at $7.99 at your nearest 99 cents store..

Same quality kids themed bed sheets are selling between $25 to $70 in major department stores such as Walmart, Target and Kohl’s.. Spiderman, Sesame Street and Toy Story bed sets are currently on sale while supplies last. You can see 99 cents store locations here. Hope they open some stores in Florida!

Other Great Deals In 99 Cent Stores

  • $0.99 Cents Colgate, Crest and Other Named brand toothpaste.
  • Bags of Fresh Express Salad With Valid dates! Only $0.99
  • PAGASA Packs of Pasta (900 g) ONLY $0.99
    (Rotini, Elbows, Rigatoni, Spaghetti and more!)..
toothpaste, salad and pasta deals

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