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If you want coupons for CVS Pharmacy stores and you want to save money, I strongly recommend you become an ExtraCare & CarePass member.. To become a member visit your local CVS Pharmacy and tell the cashier you want an ExtraCare card & CarePass.. It will take 5 minutes of your time and it’s worth it! You can do it online but I prefer in store.

Current CVS ExtraCare Coupons

Note: Go To Your LocaL CVS Pharmacy to print them out.

$5 Off Revlon | $4 Off Almay | 20% Off CVS Brands
– $4 Off Any Almay Cosmetics
– $5 Off Revlon Cosmetics
– 20% Off CVS Health Brands
(Expires January-31-2023)

About CVS ExtraCare Coupons

ExtraCare members get high value weekly coupons for brands and products that are already on sale.. Once your a member simply go to their coupon center (located in every store), enter your phone number or scan your card and print your coupons… The printed coupons look like this and can be used same day. I always print my coupons before I shop at CVS.. Also keep in mind new coupons are available almost every week, sometimes daily.

About CVS CarePass

CarePass Members get $10 off every month with no minimum purchase or coupon required plus $4 extra bucks..

Today I was eligible to claim my $10 so I scored one Head & Shoulders and one John Freida Lightning Shampoo for only $6.87, the H&S shampoo was priced at $7.99 and the JF shampoo was $12.99. Saved $14.00, great deal! Carepass members also get 20% off CVS Health Products.

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Expired Coupons

5 Printed Coupons From CVS Coupon Center
– $1 Off 2 Fructis Hair Care Products.
– $3 Off All Shaving Products.
– Up To 20% off + $3 Off $10 Household Cleaners
– Up To 40% Off + $3 Off All Neutragena Cosmetics
– $2 Off All Facial Skin Care Products Including Acne.
– $2 Off $6 any Hair Care Products.
(All Expire January-24-2023)

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