coupons for cigarettes (Major Brands)

How To Get Cigarette Coupons (Marlboro, Camel and Other Brands)

Before you begin reading this post please be advised that you must be 21 years and older to get access to coupons from the cigarette companies below. You can save money on cigarettes if you want, the links below will guide you to their registration page. Most cigarette companies will ask you for the last 4 digits of your social so if you are not 21+ years of age you are waisting your time..

Do Not create accounts with other sites claiming they have cigarette coupons, you will get bombarded with spam emails. Links below direct you to the manufacturers. Their coupons are guaranteed to work and yes they do send them out..

Marlboro Coupons (Printable & Mobile)

Get Marlboro Coupons After Sign Up
Create an account and you should get an email within 24 hours that looks like this. Follow instructions to download coupons through their app or print them out instantly. You will also get these $1.50 & $3.00 manufacturer coupons from Marlboro by mail..

Camel Coupons (Printable & By Mail)

Save $4 On Camel Cigarettes
Their registration process is pretty tedious, once you register Camel will send some manufacturer coupons by mail, rumors are they are $4 coupons.. On Several occasions you will also get printable coupons via email.. Worth a try if you want to save money on Camel cigarettes.

American Spirit Coupons (By Mail & Mobile)

Free Packs Of Cigarettes + Money Off Coupons
After registering with American Spirit be expecting free packs of cigarettes by mail within 4 weeks plus downloadable vouchers and special promotions..

Kool Coupons (Mobile & By Mail)

$2 Off One Pack Or $3 Off One Carton
Right after you register click on “save now”, you will have the choice to download their coupons on your phone or you can have Kool cigarette coupons mailed to your home. Their Coupon offers vary every month. After a week or so check your accounts or emails you should have $50 worth of coupon offers.

$25 – Six paper coupons mailed to your house.
$20 – in your wallet every month.
$5 – 2000 Koolcoins added to your account

L&M Coupons (Printable & Mobile)

Get L&M Cigarette Coupons With Sign Up
L&M cigarettes is part Philip Morris USA brands such as Malboro, Virginia Slims.. and more. Create an account with them to access coupons instantly or via mail.

Winston Cigarettes (Printable & By Mail)

$1.50 Off Any Winston Cigarettes
Create and account with them and be on the look out for $1.50 to $2.50 printable coupons, on several occasions depending where you live they will send you manufacturer coupons by mail.

Pall Mall Coupons (By Mail)

Get Manufacturer Pall Mall Coupons
Go to their site, create an account to receive special offers and promotions.. Pall Mall used to send out printable coupons via email now and then, I don’t know if they still do however I do know that they send out manufacturer coupons by mail.

TAAT (Tobacco-Free | Nicotine-Free Cigarettes)

Get A Free Pack By Mail
Step 1: Text FREEPACK to: 1-812-408-3315
Step 2: They will send you a promo code via text, then go here.
Step 3: Choose your flavor, add pack to your cart, enter code.

*** Will Post More Cigarette Companies That Offer Coupons Shortly ***
If you have received any coupons for the cigarette companies above please post in the comments.. It will help everybody save! Smoking cigarettes is not only a bad habit but darn expensive too.

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  1. Downloaded some Marlboro and Winston coupons but some stores do not accept them. Tried 7/11 and others no luck,,, Publix took them.

  2. I have no money and really need cigarettes. I don’t want to quit. Is there a way to get free cigarettes. I really don’ have any money at all.

  3. Please send me cigarettes coupons and free cigarettes samples 3912 East 155 Street Cleveland Ohio 44128

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