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Request Chobani Manufacturer Coupons
If you want free Chobani coupons for their delicious greek yogurts, dairy and non-dairy products connect and subscribe to their newsletter and request them in the message box.. You will get coupons straight from the manufacturer to use at your local grocery store every month via mail..

PS Note: Yes! They do send them via mail.. I joined last year and I still get their savings every month or so… Love their Greek yogurts, I buy them all the time.. Adriana.

Chobani Digital Coupons

$2.00 Off Chobani Yogurts (12pk)
Get a $2.00 discount on any one Chobani Greek Yogurt 12 Pack.. If you don’t clip coupons check their circular in store for a manufacturer coupon..

$1.00 Off Chobani Oat Milk
Clip and save $1.00 on Chobani Shelf Stable Oatmilk.. When you buy one Chobani Shelf Stable Oatmilk (32 fl oz).. If you shop at Smith’s you can get them here.

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