5 Types Of In Store Coupons That Will Save You Money

Types Of In Store Coupons:

Printable Coupons:
These are coupons that can be printed from your desktop and redeemed in retailer stores and grocery stores by bringing a physical copy of the coupon.

Mail Coupons:
These are coupons that are sent from the manufacturer or store to the public and are usually mailed via USPS.

Mobile Coupons:
These type of coupons come via text and are shown in store when checking out.. Good to mention that many printable coupons can be shown in stores unless stated. This can save you some money with printing paper.

Digital Coupons:
These coupons are usually offered by grocery stores.. Digital coupons must be clipped on their site and can be used online or in store.

Coupon Inserts:
Also called Sunday newspaper coupons.. They are coupon booklets or pamphlets that have a variety of coupons from different manufacturers. These booklets are usually found inserted in newspapers or mailed directly to your home on Sunday’s. Some grocery stores also carry them on their news stands found at their entrance. Some of my best grocery savings were found in coupon inserts.

Go here to see a preview of upcoming coupons found in Sunday inserts. Insert previews help couponers price match before shopping.

List Of Stores & Manufacturers

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