hellmann's mayonnaise deal

30oz Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise $4.88 At Walmart (Don’t Buy Them Anywhere Else)

Today August-14, My family and I were having our usual Sunday BBQ and my husband noticed we had no Mayonnaise.. Oh boy! My twin boys do not eat hamburgers without mayo… He rushed to CVS and bought a 30oz bottle of Hellmann’s mayo for $10.49. Wow, that is expensive!

Today while shopping at Walmart I found the exact bottle of Mayonnaise priced at $4.88.. Darn! Half the price! Ok, no big deal we had fun but it thought me a big lesson. Always check and compare prices for grocery items with Walmart. Besides Walmart, Amazon has them priced at $51.40 for a pack of 6 ($8.56 ea)

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